How do I choose a bathroom style?

The HGTVRemodels Bathroom Planning Guide offers tips on how to design a bathroom design around functional zones, such as the vanity area and shower tub. Read on for the most popular types of bathroom styles% 26 most common bathroom sizes. Images of each style of bathroom are included, bar graphs. Your bathrooms should serve as a place of inspiration and happiness.

Whether it's a sleek, modern style you love or rustic farmhouse details, there is a bathroom decor style perfect for you and your needs. Read on for the most popular bathroom styles and the most common bathroom sizes. Images of each bathroom style, bar graphs showing the key design elements of each style, and informative charts showing the popularity rates of each style are included. Bathrooms over 100 square feet should have a ventilation rate based on the number and type of fixtures in the room.

On the other hand, double sinks are useful in family bathrooms where children or other family members share the space and want their own station. Duplicate bathroom vanity ideas, sinks and mirrors where space permits and don't be tempted to vacate the bathroom if it's the only one in the house. Polished wood, complementary colors and the use of glass, tile and marble are integral parts of traditional bathrooms. Even a very small bathroom design can be converted into a quiet and practical space with thorough planning.

To make your dream bathroom a haven at home, include features that take you from utilitarian to pampered. For traditional bathrooms, bathrooms, sinks and bathrooms with a classic or period look tend to be more decorative with ornate lines. Plumbing a new room is easier and cheaper if it is located next to an existing bathroom or above the kitchen, and not far from the external ground pile, so that the pipes do not have to travel much. The tiler will normally want to start laying tiles around the bathtub or another main feature of your bathroom furniture, so that the immediately upper tiles on both sides are whole, and then work down to the floor, up to the ceiling (where applicable) and outward to the other corners of the room.

Nowadays, bathroom cabinets are offered in a wide variety of finishes, from white laminate and custom colors to wood. There is plenty of room for individual expression and variation according to your personal aesthetic tastes; and you may, for example, find that the floor or walls of the bathroom in dark or bright colors contrast with white bathroom furniture that give your room a sense of individuality, personality, warmth or style dramatic. Integral bathroom sinks (one piece with vanity) and undercounter bathroom sinks make it easy to clean up dirt from the counter to the sink. Macerators are noisier than gravity drainage, but many people can accept the compromise, especially if the additional bathroom is only designed for occasional use by guests.

Transitional style bathrooms encompass the best of both worlds, as the style uses old and new design elements.

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