How to choose a bathroom theme?

Focus on the styles you like in other aspects of your life. From warm and earthy to cool and modern, these colorful bathroom ideas will transform your space from dull to bright. To inject a touch of personality, free yourself from sober and confident designs and add splashes of color. Adding a bright shade to your bathroom will really elevate your entire home, aligning this functional space with the rest of your decor.

Or, if you prefer a stylish and modern version of the interiors, you can choose muted grays to complement your otherwise neutral bathroom color scheme. The environment can be left completely to the right of the beam. If you struggle to choose a bathroom paint color, this summary is full of inspiration. Here you will find practical ideas for designing around subdued neutral tones along with creative designs that are based on dramatic colors.

These paint colors for bathrooms are worth a look if a renovation is not on the cards for you this year. Translate the striking and ancient Japanese dyeing technique to your bathroom with blue and dark white wallpaper. The interior design studio Resident Avenue gave this bathroom an accent wall covered in multi-colored tiles that turn the corner of the vanity into a beautiful focal point. Add an intoxicating and heady note to a bathroom with a reflective copper bath to enhance the rich tones of the bramble walls.

For example, this bathroom has a sleek oval bathtub and a sophisticated chandelier, but the walls, ceiling, doors and surroundings in general have a worn look. The delicate yet striking nature of flowers can add a new dimension to any scheme, from traditional to modern bathrooms. If you have a wooden bathroom floor, you can make the space stand out by painting the floorboards. If you are attracted to dark bathrooms, it is very important to contrast the steely gray tones with warmer colors and textures so that the bathroom feels like somewhere you want to spend time.

This is especially true for bathrooms that don't offer as many customization options as other spaces. If you want a bright bathroom with a double sink configuration, you should check out this suggestion from Christen Ales Interior Design. The sturdiness of the unfinished walls of this bathroom is complemented by the smooth lines of the clawfoot bathtub and the warmth of the solid wood vanity. If your bathroom is traditional in style, you may like to keep the color scheme fairly neutral: creams and whites.

Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn combines high-contrast mosaics and glamorous brass hardware with airy coral walls to produce a balanced and beautiful primary bathroom. With the matte finish style that continues to grow in popularity, bathroom paint can be the answer to the decoration enigma of what kind of paint to put on your bathroom walls. The colors available on the market are very trend-driven, which means that while your bathroom may look beautiful, it may occasionally lack its own personality. Instead of fighting this fact, perhaps a good idea is to make it the crux of your bathroom color scheme.

A dark color, such as charcoal or indigo, can make a bathroom stand out, especially when used in stark contrast to bright and light finishes.

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