When you design a bathroom, what do you choose first?

I am very excited about having the opportunity to choose materials for another bathroom. When it came to designing our master and guest bathrooms during the first phase of our renovation, I made some very quick and, in retrospect, thoughtless decisions. Luckily, I think everything turned out great, but I want to be more intentional in the planning process, now I have a little more knowledge and previous experience in doing it. The renovation of a bathroom is an exciting task.

But before you jump into choosing the latest tile or bathtub design, there are some less interesting things to consider to make your project turn out just as you dream it. Because renovating a bathroom can be overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive, we have prepared a simple 15-point checklist to ensure that your project stays on track and that the renovation goes smoothly. When you start, start by thinking about the look you want for your bathroom. There are many factors to consider, such as paint color, tile options, vanities, showers, bathtubs, faucets, etc.

It can get overwhelming very quickly, so start with a little research. You can start joining the items you like into what will become the final bathroom design, or you can choose one design item that you want to include in the bathroom, and then work the rest of the bathroom design around it. The design should work hand in hand with functionality, so consider who will use the bathroom and how, consider an eventual resale of the house and also take a moment to think about how the bathroom design will fit in with the rest of the house. Before you start remodeling the bathroom, choose a design that suits your vision as well as your DIY skill set.

There are many different ways to approach this project, ranging from repainting and swapping the vanity to gutting the space and starting from scratch. Color has the power to energize and calm, wake you up and calm you down. Consider the atmosphere you want to evoke before selecting your material palette. As you develop your bathroom's color scheme, remember that color comes from more than just wall paint and fabric.

The shades in the wood of the cabinets and in the stone or tile you choose for floors and walls play an important role in creating an overall color personality. Even the sink and bathtub contribute to the color scheme of the bathroom, whether they are made of white porcelain, stained concrete or stone. Highly decorative designs may be too busy for a small space, while they could be an ideal way to add interest and warmth to a large bathroom. A rustic-style bathroom is great at that, but it may not be as attainable in a contemporary urban flat.

This is where the budget really comes into play, there may be some adjustments to its design depending on the cost of materials. Tiles designed for floors are extremely durable; they resist water, stains and wear, and are easy to care for. Thank you for sharing this blog, it brought experience, creativity and many ideas and solutions during the design and construction process. The goal of remodeling your bathroom may be a fresh new look, but some things are easier to replace than others.

With your goals, floor plan and budget in mind, consider all the possibilities you can include in your bathroom and focus on the options that meet your needs. Some larger bathroom suppliers offer significant savings for trade, as well as fast deliveries and product support. You don't want the bright lights flickering in the middle of the night; it's not comfortable for the person going to the bathroom or the person sleeping in the next room. You may find that adding one or more of these materials to a small portion of your bathroom is within your budget.

The truth of the matter is that it won't be possible in most bathrooms in the UK; apparently, the average footprint is about the same as a king size bed. To make your dream bathroom a haven at home, include features that take you from utilitarian to pampered. Bathrooms are mostly hard surfaces, so dressing windows with fabric allows you to add softness and absorb sound. You can start joining elements that you like into what will become the final bathroom design or you can choose one design element that you want to include in the bathroom and then work the rest of the bathroom design around it.

Beyond what you already have in your home improvement toolbox, there are some useful tools you can have on hand for a bathroom renovation. After the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the most important room in the house in terms of resale value, so it's worth doing it right. . .

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