How do you give the subject to a bathroom?

Use crisp white and calm blue for a spa-inspired retreat. Create a beautiful bohemian bathroom by combining patterns and textures. While only the upper walls of this bathroom are lined with botanical wallpaper, the look still manages to make a big impact. A chandelier-style chandelier and floral plants with leaf accents adheres to the nature-inspired theme.

That's why we bring you the fresh and modern bathroom decor ideas you've been looking for. These ideas incorporate a variety of themes with unique ways to combine utility and design to create a beautiful space. Whether you're just starting out with your design or just looking for the finishing touches, you'll find inspiring decor ideas to create the bathroom of your dreams. For a small, all-white bathroom, add a little color with a fun shower curtain.

This Mexican desert themed curtain, cactus and plush rug will make your bathroom a fun space to get ready. Your first consideration should be who will use the bathroom or, more specifically, whether the bathroom will have to be suitable for children. Child-inspired themes are a great idea for a child's bathroom, but safety considerations are paramount. Bathrooms can be dangerous places for kids, but you can make your room a safe place for the little ones with some clever design ideas.

Make sure that the bathtub has a non-slip finish or that it has non-slip mats installed. Bath mats and rugs around the bathtub and sink will minimize the problem of wet floors. Soft toilet seats will stop the knock of the lids, and low shelves or cabinets will allow children to reach the things they need without your help. A stool with steps is also a good idea for the children's bathroom, so they can climb up and look in the mirror without being tempted to try to climb onto the countertops.

Especially for young children, consider installing special burn-proof faucets.

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