How do you make a beach themed bath?

Cool shades such as blue, green and teal are perfect for a beach-themed bath. These colors create the feeling of water and can help complement some beach-themed trinkets and decorations. You can use the colors on the walls or tiles on the floor and shower. Try combining green or blue walls with white borders.

The design of your coastal bathroom should feel fresh and bright. Keep things clear with light blue or white walls. Then use wood to add natural texture. The IDF studio located in San Francisco, California, gave this small bathroom a coastal touch with various accessories.

A shower curtain with wave pattern sets a soothing color combination. An unfinished wooden medicine cabinet is a rustic touch that adds a natural contrast. Above it is a reproduction of an antique nautical lamp. The base cabinet was painted Maritime Blue by Benjamin Moore.

For an extra touch of coastal charm, a metal lobster trap takes on a new life as a towel storage. You don't have to stick to a blue color scheme to create a nautical-inspired bathroom. At a beach house in Chandler Bay, on the coast of Barbados, a Florida-based architecture firm, Geoff Chick Associates installed a pristine white primary bath. The wall-mounted ceramic coral luminaires are a nod to the sea view of the house.

The tiled floor in a neutral beige tone is a nod to the sandy beach directly outside. To top things off, there is the roof painted in a shade that resembles green sea glass. These are inexpensive ideas that anyone will be able to manage and will give your bathroom an attractive beach feel that you will love. Giving your white bathroom a coastal theme is an easy way to add natural texture to break the all-white walls and bathtub.

Giving your bathroom a nautical theme and a touch of sea, sand and sun is not difficult or expensive. We promise that the jellyfish in the bathroom of this Amy Johnson Interiors beach house in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, won't sting. Giving your bathroom a beach theme is based on the little touches and decorative elements you add, and this video shows you how to make a variety of them, all with Dollar Tree supplies. Keeping your bathroom stylish yet beach-inspired is a balance between using similar but higher-quality materials than you would find on the beach.

As this YouTuber explains, she usually tries a certain style of DIY projects, but she wanted to try something different, so she opted for a nautical theme. Okay, this blog post is about a bedroom rather than a bathroom, but since creating a beach theme has to do with the colors and decor elements you choose to include, many of the same ideas will work anywhere. Creating a beach theme in your bathroom helps give it a light, fresh and fresh feel, and as this blogger writes, the way to achieve that is to incorporate some carefully considered details along with the right color scheme. This BHG slideshow for beach-related baths is another great source of inspiration and ideas.

The gorgeous wooden framed mirrors give elegance to the beach house bathroom without feeling too formal. As you can see, there is no shortage of ideas if you're looking for inspiration to give your bathroom a beach-themed makeover.

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