What should I consider when designing a bathroom?

We have put together five considerations to consider when designing your dream bathroom, bathroom design. Before you start looking for eye-catching tiles and dreamy details, make sure you have carefully considered the layout of your bathroom. Regardless of the size of the room, the design of the bathroom depends a lot on its layout. The position of the shower, sink and toilet can affect the overall design of the bathroom.

Therefore, plan and choose the design, taking into account the needs of the family and style preferences. It is advisable to have well-defined wet and dry areas in the bathroom. Place the toilet away from the door and the sink near the toilet. In the design of Indian bathrooms, if space allows, the owners prefer to maintain a distance between the toilet and the shower.

Designing a bathroom will require perhaps more reflection than any other room. The kitchen may be the exception, but, even here, there is invariably the reassuring presence of a kitchen designer to smooth out the process. When designing a bathroom, the key is to look beyond this space. Does style blend in with the rest of your home? Now, keep in mind that it doesn't have to be compatible and the mix doesn't have to be boring.

But if the doorknobs and hardware throughout the house are oil-rubbed bronze and you choose nickel for a hallway bathroom, the change in finish could distract attention. You can choose from ceramic, porcelain, vinyl tile, stone, glass, plastic laminate tile, cork tile and linoleum tile, all of which fit the design of Indian bathrooms. From a purely functional space, today, it is designed to be an aesthetically pleasing room for relaxation and pampering of mind and soul. Bathroom designers are great sources of information and advice, and they have a seamless experience to help you design and plan your ideal bathroom,” advises Faye Froy, Britton's brand expert.

Alternatively, you can design the space yourself, purchase your own fixtures, and hire a plumber or builder to work on your plan. The design of the bathroom should be made in accordance with the space, taking into account choosing the design in such a way as to maximize its functionality when using space. If you work with an especially small bathroom space, one strategy for meeting space allocations while installing essential plumbing fixtures is to overlap the free space, says Diana Schrage, senior designer at Kohler. For those who want a separate toilet and a full bathroom with a bathtub and shower, a medium design like the Shoreham 14 fits the bill.

When designing a new bathroom, it's common to feel a little overwhelmed by the number of decisions you need to make and the number of options available to each one. And the installation can be deceptively complicated, as it involves plumbing, intricate spatial design and technical skills. In addition to designing the design, it is essential to have all the right aspects to enjoy the practical space, regardless of its size. Unless you plan to renovate the bedroom and change colors there, you want an adjacent bathroom design to go with the flow.

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