How to choose a bathroom?

Follow our simple rules and you will soon enjoy a bath that will be a joy for years to come, evaluate the needs of your bathroom. Perrin says powerful ventilation is needed to get moisture out of the bathroom of the house. Specifically, the Institute for Domestic Ventilation (HVI) recommends that bathrooms smaller than 100 square feet have an exhaust fan that provides 1 CFM (cubic feet per minute) per square foot (approximately eight air changes per hour). Toilets, showers and bathtubs need 50 CFM each, says HVI.

A hot tub needs 100 CFM. An average American uses 70 gallons of water indoors every day per person, and 25 percent of that water goes down the drain when we flush the toilet chain, says Diana Schrage, senior interior designer at Kohler. They are still outdated and inefficient models, he says. A high-efficiency toilet can save up to 16,000 gallons of water per year for an average family of four and does not compromise flush power when choosing a high-efficiency toilet.

Look for a high-efficiency toilet that uses less than 2 gallons per flush. The average is 5 gallons per flush. By selecting an efficient faucet, you can save 45 percent more water compared to older standard fittings, which equates to approximately 14,000 gallons of water per year for an average family of four, says Schrage. Choosing whether to choose a freestanding or built-in bathroom is an important initial decision when choosing the best bathroom for you.

Freestanding bathrooms require more space than built-in bathrooms because they are not well glued to the wall, so the size of your bathroom may force you to make a choice. When you start to see how to design a bathroom, planning is key. A bathroom is a practical space that is often used. Family bathrooms have several users, of course, sometimes at the same time, while en-suite bathrooms or wet rooms will see the daily use of a couple or a single occupant.

In addition to coping with traffic from all users, a bathroom must be kept hygienic, as well as dealing with splashes and moisture without becoming slippery or wearing out. These steps will help you take into account all the information you need to choose the right bathroom vanity. Choose an experienced designer who can manage the entire process and ensure they provide dimensional drawings to help you visualize the space. Wooden accessories are a stylish luxury bathroom trend, but before installing rustic-style wood paneling or choosing an oak-fronted vanity, make sure it has had the right treatment to protect it from moisture and water, which could lead to a quick-start wood rot.

When analyzing how to design your bathroom, choosing the right shower comes down to more than just aesthetics, as there are also several logistical considerations. When designing a bathroom, it is vital to choose a bathroom floor that is suitable for the users of the room and is attractive. Make designing your new bathroom a breeze by knowing in advance what things you should never do when choosing a bathroom. Choosing a new bathroom is an exciting opportunity to transform the home living experience and make visiting and staying in your home more attractive to guests.

Since there are so many bathroom design ideas to choose from, how you plan your new bathroom layout will depend on many factors. But how to choose a bathroom vanity that not only looks good but marks everything from your list of needs? Do you follow the main trends in bathrooms or do you dedicate yourself? We can help you find the bathroom vanity that will make your bathroom your new favorite place in the house. When choosing flooring, think about who will use the space; modern marble is magnificent for an adult bathroom, but not ideal for older household members and young children. Choosing a bathroom is a big investment and it's not something you want to do again anytime soon.


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